Posted by: Brandon | June 3, 2009

My blog address has changed!

moving menI have decided to finally move this blog from the WordPress hosted account to my own server and my own domain name. This way, I can customize the site exactly how I want, with my own design (when I get around to it), and put whatever other things I’d like on it. It’s also just cooler this way. 🙂

My new blog address is:

Yep, just my name. Lucky I grabbed it a few years back before all the other Brandon Pearce’s in the world wanted it!

I plan on posting some articles soon on how to start and run your own business successfully (or at least share what little I know about it), and of course I’ll keep you up to date on my travels and what I’m up to. (I’ll be going to Japan next month, for example!) Thanks to everyone who’s been reading!

Please update your RSS feeds with the new address. I’ve copied all the posts and comments from this blog onto that one, so there won’t be much need to come back here anymore.

Have a great life! See you at!




  1. Japan! How wonderful. Will Jen and the girls be joining you? I’m so proud of you Brandon, you work hard and take advantage of opportunities to serve and learn, you are a good dad and husband, and I’m glad I’m your old Aunt Kathy xxx

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